Oh dear… Jess is in a pickle again!


Some things never change! Yet our love for them will forever remain.

My cat Jess is the inspiration behind Pickled Cat’s illustrations. They celebrate all of his wonderful quirks and eccentricities (yes – he is a boy!) The illustrations entertain cats in sticky situations or potentially troublesome predicaments – quite fitting seeing as Jess regularly gets himself into a pickle.

Pickled Cat aims to inspire others to share and celebrate their loved ones quirks and oddities too, however strange they may be… Because that’s why we love them!

Pickled Cat would like to be the reason that someone smiles today!

Share the love with my wonderfully playful greeting cards!

Jess has a beautifully expressive face with lovely big round eyes (that grow even bigger whenever he sees food!) He also has bags of personality and never fails to entertain me with endless games of hide-and-seek or the slightly less amusing game of, “lets throw cat litter across the entire room.”


My younger cat, Izzy is a gorgeous tabby who is equally as brilliant, and she has also had a big influence on my designs. Just look at that face! One of her favourite games is: “Its 4am, I must jump onto a sleeping person’s head from a great height.”

Together they have helped to create a number of Pickled Cat’s designs and are a constant source of inspiration for new ideas!

As a brand new greeting card publisher, Pickled Cat aims to provide high quality, hand-finished greeting cards for all occasions.  Cute and playful illustrations, combined with a premium board and high quality materials are the perfect recipe for making a loved one smile!

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